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 Marci Flanery is a CPA specializing in the taxation of individuals and their related small business entities. Marci’s tax practice is centrally located close to the Westlake, Denny, SLU, and Capitol Hill neighborhoods of Seattle.  In the off-season Marci currently splits her time between Seattle and Lopez Island.

Marci became a CPA in 1984 and worked in the Kansas City and Seattle Offices of Arthur Andersen & Co.  After teaching accounting for 8 years at the University of Kansas, Marci moved to Nashville, TN to earn her PhD in Cognitive Psychology from Vanderbilt University. After graduate school, Marci completed her post-doctoral work in the Neuroimaging of Memory and Cognition at Johns Hopkins University before moving to California and returning to the practice of public accounting.

Before starting her own tax practice, Marci worked in the San Francisco office of one of the city's premier tax firms specializing in the taxation of registered domestic partners (RDPs). During this time, Marci was responsible for tax planning and tax return preparation for hundreds of California RDP and Same-Sex Married couples. Marci has written a Guide to RDP Taxation and teaches for the Washington and California State Society of CPAs on this topic.

Marci is a licensed CPA in Missouri, California, and Washington with 30 years of experience as a tax consultant specializing in individual and small business tax preparation and planning. Marci is currently accepting new clients to her Seattle practice.

Phone:  (360) 298-5755